Backlinks Directories

Firstly, define what backlinks is? It means your website URL on another web page in backlinks directories.

Now, why Backlinks relevant, and everyone wants more backlinks? Backlinks are basically an essential factor in SEO because when you post your URL in any page search engine crawl this page and find your link. That is means they also read your web link. Bot thinks your website is famous among people and sharing on many pages.

However, Search crawlers automation system if they found your web page on more sites and crawl again, and again, they definitely high your web rank. Because of again and again crawling the same page. Moreover, submission in backlinks directories is significant for any website.

Free Backlinks For Website

Finally, there are two types of backlinks first is Do-Follow and second is No-Follow; there is little difference, but crawl read both links. Some people think crawl does not read no-follow link its wrong. Bot read the no-follow link, but they do not crawl the entire content of the page. But in Do-Follow relationships, bots read and crawl full content in the relationship and chance to more keywords in rank. That is why the Do-Follow link is more important. But for good SEO, you need to maintain a ratio of 40% No-Follow and 60% Do-Follow.

If fact, we are providing many top search engine backlinks directories where you can submit your website totally free.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Submit your Site to Bing
  3. DMOZ
  4. 01 Web Directory
  6. Best of the Web
  7. Free Website Directory
  8. InfoListings Directory
  9. Exactseek
  10. ThinkCentre
  11. Bloggeries
  12. InfoTiger
  13. Blogcatalog
  15. Bloggernity
  17. Blogging Fusion
  18. BlogFlux
  19. Blog Listing
  20. Blogdigger
  21. Blogorama
  22. Bloggapedia
  23. SplatSearch
  24. SunSteam
  25. Canny Link Internet Guide
  26. Yeandi

Press Release Distribution Sites

Furthermore, there is some press releases website where you can promote your website and High PR backlinks. In fact, Its easy way to backlinks on high PR site just register your nick and submit any press release with your URL link.

  1. NPR
  2. Beta News
  3. Directions Magazine
  4. Nanotechnology News
  6. ClickPress
  8. Online PR Media
  9. PRWindow
  10. Free Press Index

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