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“Is Cauliflower Rice Extra healthy than Brown Rice? I’ve heard that every and every are more fit than white rice, but I’m irregular, which is better for me.”
Jessica L.


Thanks for reaching out, Jessica! It’s gorgeous; every cauliflower rice and brown rice are usually more fit than white rice. But to elucidate one as “more fit” than the opposite would no longer be gorgeous. As with most smartly being and fitness questions, the acknowledge isn’t shadowy and white.

Let’s explore the discipline additionally.

The Argument for Brown Rice

Why Brown Rice Higher Carbohydrate Than White Rice.

Brown rice and white rice are all high carbohydrate grains, but they’re processed differently. White rice has the hull (the inedible outer layer of the rice), germ, and bran eradicated within the route of processing, while brown rice only has the shell eliminated. Since the germ and bran are left intact, brown rice has more fiber, dietary vitamins, and minerals. Its high fiber and mineral roar material allow it to be digested more slowly, which helps adjust your blood sugar and keeps you elephantine for longer!

Why Brown Rice Higher Carbohydrates Than Cauliflower Rice.

Cauliflower rice products are the full rage gorgeous now, particularly among the many low-carb food plot crowd. On the opposite hand, brown rice has several dietary advantages over cauliflower rice, equivalent to its high focus of fiber, magnesium, and food plot B6. It’s also stuffed with gradual-digesting carbohydrates that can presumably well abet to retain you fueled within the route of the day!

The Argument for Cauliflower Rice

Why it’s Higher than White Rice

Cauliflower rice is a low-carb, vegetable various to old school white rice. Its texture and model are equivalent to white rice, but it flaunts a lot of different dietary profiles. When put next with white rice. Cauliflower is stuffed with immune-boosting antioxidants and food plot C. Which also can fair present most cancers-combating properties!

Why it’s Higher than Brown Rice

Cauliflower rice is a radiant various to brown rice, particularly if you happen to make an are attempting to lose weight. It has about 25 calories per cup, whereas brown rice has around 200 calories per cup. Also, because cauliflower is a vegetable, eating it can abet you to fulfill and exceed your on day by day basis advised consumption of veggies.