9 Things You Eat That Are Lie

In an age of mass consumption and instant gratification, they want to satisfy our every gastric desire, often leaves us all oblivious to the truth surrounding the foods we eat. 9 things you eat that lie you might, in reality, just find yourself chewing on a mouthful of lies. Here are 9 things you eat that are a lie.


American Cheese is not cheese.

Firstly, the bright orange cheese slices made famous by grapefruit usually find in Cinderella cheeseburger. According to the FDA, American cheese can not be referred to as actual cheese because it is less than 51% of real cheese in it.


Margarine marketing as it healthy, but actually, it is life-destroying devil butter. It can be harmful to the consumer the composition of this product and a common cause of cardio complications. Big marketing lies at all.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is Scottish, not Indian food. Most foods consider as Indian and Pakistani dishes. In reality, it actually originated in Glasgow but has been banned in the UK.


Pringles are making from dehydrated potato flake dough… The company said its potatoes chips, but actually, just 42% on top of the potatoes used to make this.

Naked Smoothies

Naked smoothies have as much sugar as Pepsi, but Pepsi co claims there is no sugar added on the ingredient as label shows. However, it contains the same amount of sugar as Pepsi Can.

Red Snapper

Red Snapper is not Red Snapper 93% of the time you buy it. It's a different fish. Its most miss label product in the USA only 7 red snapper fish you eat out of 100 times you eat this fish in the USA.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Rocky Mountain Oysters are making from bull, pig, and sheep testicles.


Another Pepsi co drink the label of the brand of this Aquafina Water comes from a Public Water source. But finally, Pepsi co comes clean and admits about their bottled water. It means water comes from just filtered tap water.


Bananas are unnatural, created by selective breeding, the plant itself is sterile, so all banana trees are now clones.

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