This previous week, the saucy Los Angeles–based ticket Miaou fully released a teaser video of three sun-soaked familiar faces that regarded plucked out of some angelic Renaissance-style describe. But in its effect of illustrating 9 muses, this campaign for the trace’s summer collection depicted three It ladies.

Lourdes Leon made a rare appearance in a physique-hugging dress, while longtime trace muse Paloma Elsesser stood within the heart, with mannequin Ashley Smith to her factual (furthermore in a corset). The babetastic trio posed, laughed, and regarded as if they had known every other for ages. Name it the finest summer trifecta.

The premise to solid the three ladies folk felt appreciate an exact resolution for the ticket’s dressmaker, Alexia Elkaim, who consider that they all fit the theorem that of the Miaou girl, someone who oozes s*xiness and self-assurance. The casting for this season’s inspect ebook became as soon as impressed by the unlikely duo of Alice in Wonderland and Courtney Admire. Casting Elsesser became as soon as a no-brainer. “Paloma is a muse of Miaou and is in all of our mood boards,” says Elkaim. “She inspires me every for my half and in my work.” Elkaim had met Smith a pair of weeks earlier than the shoot and became as soon as right away drawn to her vitality. “She had these pigtails and had a pet in her fingers,” says Elkaim. “I DM’d her factual away.”

As for Leon? Elkaim and her had long been in talks with the bona fide frosty girl about working with every other. It is miles evident that Leon, who has worked with style labels, appreciate MadeMe and Gypsy Sport, easiest collaborates with brands that she believes in and aligns with. “She represents being intelligent and free,” says Elkaim. “She’s very in her skin. I factual assume she is extremely great a Miaou girl.” We couldn’t agree more.

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