The Leopard Midi Dress

Who doesn’t love Leopard Midi Dress? We’ve been wearing it since our childhoods, and while we used to fear that it might eventually go out of style, it’s only further cemented itself as a mainstay in fashion. It’s a fun print that can operate as a neutral, it’s flattering and forgiving, and it just never loses its cool!

There are plenty of Leopard Midi Dress options out there for you to choose from, but the only downside of that is that it’s harder to sift through the mediocre pieces to find the marvellous ones. But hey, that’s why we’re here. We’ve searched, we’ve sifted, and we’ve narrowed down the options, and this dress has landed on top!

Leopard Midi Dress


  • 100%cotton
  • Imported
  • Button Fly closure
  • Feature: Leopard Midi Dress/ Long Sleeves Dress/ Leopard Print Dress/ V Neck/ High Waist/ Drawstring Waist Belt/ Button Placket/ Shirt Collar/ Over calf length/ Elastic Sleeve Cuffs/ Autumn Winter Dress/ Stylish Dress/ Classic Print Dress/ Size Selection: S,M,L,XL
  • Skillfully, the airy cotton dress combines the wild animal print with feminine details. So the beautiful button-closure neck goes together to a playful wrap look, and the tie straps you can bind casual at the waist.
  • The expressive all-over print looks exciting on the entire length of the long-sleeved dress, which shows as much cleavage and leg as you want with a continuous button placket, turn-down collar and waistband.
  • Her loose cut receives the comfort of fit due to the elastically smocked part at waist height. The same applies to the ends of the long puffed sleeves, which are also smocked.
  • Occasion: Whether window shopping in the city or relaxing hours in the park, with the dress by Kirundo, you have the right outfit. The playful midi dress in a pleasant wearing quality can be stylishly styled: casual with sneakers, authentic style with strappy pumps, cool with ankle boots.

KIRUNDO 2020 Women’s Leopard Midi Dress

  • Stylish Long Sleeves
  • High Waist Dress
  • Button-Front Drawstring Wait Belt
  • A-Lined Dress

Colour: Khaki

Khaki Leopord Print

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Colour: Green

Green Leopord Print

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Colour: Red

Red Leopord Print

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Colour: White

White Leopord Print

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